Fore River Solutions is a Boston based technology consulting firm

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  • Computer Solutions

    Computer Problems

    From virus ridden home machines to corporate networked machines Fore River Solutions has the experience and the know how to fix any computer issues!

  • Network Solutions

    Complex Networks

    With years of experience designing, implementing, and troubleshooting large million dollar networks we can handle anything you throw at us!

  • Server Solutions

    Server Configuration

    We can help develop and implement a bare metal or virtualized server solution based on your company's needs. We will work with you every step of the way from purchase to implementation!

  • Web Design Solutions

    Web Design

    Fore River Solutions can help publish your ideas to the web using the latest web design techniques and technologies.

  • Small Business Solutions

    Small Business Support

    Got a business? Need access to a complete IT staff part time? We provide on site support for businesses both large and small.

  • Home Theater Solutions

    Home Theater Setup

    Fore River Solutions provides expert knowledge when it comes to TV's, Blu-Ray, audio systems, game consoles, and more!